Posting a new


Posting using a Nexus 7 pad seems pretty easy, this is a far cry from my first attempt to create an internet presence back in the year 2000. was not around, blogs were new or unheard of and most access speed was that of dial up. This is a new world of internet ease, bloody HTML was a pain to use. In the end I decided to wait to put up my site and change the world for the better. ~ random thought of the night.

Working all media though a nexus 7 pad…

In order to keep postings to a regular interval I shall attempt in the next few days to increase the ease of posting to a new previous unknown level. This Shall be accomplished by making post though my nexus 7 device. The pad already rarely leaves my side and I find it a most indispensable tool for my art, writings and capturing my random thoughts.


On a side note, I am posting more videos. My Youtube tag is TheCreatetheleader

A first attempt can be seen here,

please subscribe or leave comments, I do have other videos on there as well. I am disappointed in the low sound quality it is a bit  painful to listen to , but I fear should I not go though the motions I will never start. I should add the subject is interesting and the quality of the video is fine as well.

Day 1, working out what all the buttons do…

Today I am establishing a web presence, and creating avenues for communication. This is all a far more simple task than when I dreamed of this back in early 2000. Twitter did not even exist, I had never heard of Word press and posting videos on youtube was just something to do, they had not yet been bought up by google and running adds on there did not seem like the thing to do as it is today.